Book Club


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  1. You can put your recommendations for books here. We can discuss books together in the future that might be of interest to the group–especially yoga and meditation topics.

  2. Susan McKenzie says:

    In addition to ideas for books, we might discuss what would constitute a “book”. Perhaps it would be a chapter, perhaps a poem that echoes or reinforces some aspect of your practice or a point from our sangha discussion

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  4. maevehassett says:

    For those of you that are interested in exploring the Paramis or Virtues further here are a couple of books that you might enjoy:
    Pay Attention for Goodness Sake by Sylvia Boorstein
    Pocket Peace by Allan Lokos

  5. Maeve Hassett says:

    Here are a few different books on ways to proceed towards opening to joy and happiness in life.
    They could provide a great series of readings for beginning the New Year:
    Awakening Joy by James Baraz
    How We Choose to be Happy by Rick Foster and Greg Hicks
    Happiness, A Guide to Developing Life’s Most Important Skill by Mitthiew Ricard
    Happy for No Reason by Marci Shimoff

  6. The two books I mentioned on the noble 8-fold path are:
    -Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness: Walking the Buddha’s Path. Wisdom Publications. 2001. by Bhante Gunaratana
    – Awakening the Buddha Within: Eight Steps to Enlightenment
    by Surya Das, Lama Surya Das

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