Welcome to Fall 2013

I finally figured out how to get into our blog and approve everyone’s comments. Thanks for your patience. Hopefully we can start some new discussions,on the blog, and I promise to check things frequently.

Our new schedule is up on the website. For the fall, we are working with the wonderful book “Seeking the Heart of Wisdom.” Each teacher has chosen a section to work with. See our schedule at

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Welcome to the Canyon Spirit Yoga and Meditation Class.

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This class is a combined effort of Canyon Spirit Yoga and Mountain Stream Meditation Center.  Everyone is welcome to join this class.  There is no fee, but we very much appreciate your donations.

We meet every Friday morning from 9:00AM to 10:30AM. Susan Whitaker from Canyon Spirit starts things off with a half an hour of yoga. Then one of the meditation teachers (including Susan) takes over and leads a half an hour of guided or silent meditation. We close with half an hour of a Dharma talk from the meditation teacher with discussion by the group.

The meditation teachers are Mary Helen Fein, Maeve Hassett and David Judd and Susan Whitaker. Each brings their own unique teaching style.

Please explore our website and contribute your thoughts and ideas to the blog. Thanks!

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